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Welcome to! It is our mission to help people who have weight loss issues find a proper green coffee bean extract. We have dedicated this site to educating people on green coffee and and its effects on weight loss. Find information on every aspect of green coffee bean extracts here.

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Then you came to the right place. As the #1 source for information on green coffee we take pride in helping you discover the best green coffee bean extracts and information. Our Criteria for Selecting Best Green Coffee Bean Extracts: We have researched hundreds of supplements and came up with the following results based on what we have determined as the 9 most important factors:

  • 1. Effectiveness
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A Brief Overview on Green Coffee

There is a hope for all those who have been struggling to lose weight by dieting, exercising and experimenting with various weight loss supplements but have not managed to achieve the goal set in advance. Namely, green coffee is something which effectively burns fat, causing weight loss even when we do not alter our diets or increase physical activity. This new, miraculous supplement is acknowledged by Dr Oz as well as a range of scientists and medical experts. Even studies conducted on green coffee extract have confirmed its efficacy without revealing any side effects. So, what makes green coffee a perfect solution for weight loss? Let’s see.

Green coffee weight loss can be a dream come true for everyone. The perfect thing about it is that one who has decided to lose weight does not have to bother starving himself/herself to death or spending way too many hours in a gym. Recommendations say:’ Pop a pill and you will lose weight’. The extract possesses three major qualities. First of all, it successfully removes fat tissue by burning it and using as a source of energy. Secondly, it interferes with the production of new fat. And finally, it affects fat in its tracks.

Once the pill is swollen, green coffee weight loss begins with a preceding elimination of fat from its stores. This occurs due to a lack of glucose in the blood. The body needs energy and if there are not sufficient amounts of glucose in the blood stream, our body turns to others sources, fat tissue in particular. The reduction in blood sugar is additionally responsible for decreased formation of new fat storages. This prevents new fat tissue from accumulating in the body.

When it comes to confirmation of all the positive effects green coffee has to offer, it has been obtained from many medical studies. One of these lasted for 12 weeks. Its participants made no dietary alterations and actually did not exercise at all. The daily caloric intake accounted for 2400 calories while their bodies burned only 400 calories. The fact is that if your daily food intake consists of 2000 calories, you will definitely gain weight. However, in spite of potential weight gain, none of the participants who were given green coffee extract gained weight. On the contrary, they managed to lose 10% of their total body weight and 16% of their total body fat. What is more, there were no side effects reported.

In the end, we should reveal the powerful ingredient which makes green coffee so special. It is called chlorogenic acid and is present only in raw, untreated coffee. So the abundance of this acid is what makes the coffee so special and allows green coffee weight loss to be an option for all people who have had hard time getting rid of extra pounds.